Monday, October 31, 2011

10 iPhone apps for designers

10 iPhone apps for designers

There are many good apps on Apple App Store that help web / graphic designers do their works much easier. The following 10 apps are recommended by designers.

1. What The Font

What the font

Fonts are definitely important factors in your designs. Sometimes, you see some beautiful fonts in docs or websites but you don’t know what they are. In these cases, “What the font” app can help you detect them. Recently, there are more than 650 fonts in the database of this app. This app also can detect fonts in images.

2. Sketches


Sketches is simple, small yet effective app. This app allows designers to sketch their ideas on iPhone.

3. iBlue Sky

iBlue Sky

iBlue Sky is one of the best apps about brainstorming and mind-mapping for iOS. It helps designers take note and organize their ideas effectively.

4. Quickoffice


QuickOffice is a famous app for iOS devices. This app can open files in various formats, share files, and even edit them. With this app, designers can bring their docs, open and edit them or show to customers anytime.

5. The Color Expert

The Color Expert

This app contains all basic features about colors. You can look up a color by Color Picker or create and save your own color palettes. With Colour Expert, designers can easily express their ideas to customers.

6. Source Viewer

Source Viewer

With Source Viewer, you can view source codes of websites without using PCs or laptops.

7. Web Developer Bible

Web Developer Bible

This app is small and free. You can use it to find information on Internet easily.

8. Ego


Ego allows you to view the statistics about your website, such as daily/weekly/monthly pageviews, how many people share your websites on Twitter, how many people read your websites via Feedburner…

9. Evernote


You won’t miss your ideas with Evernote. With this app, you can take note, sync and read your notes on any devices and anytime. Similar apps can be found at 3 best note apps for iPad: Evernote, Catch Notes, and Notes Plus

10. CSS CheatSheet

CSS CheatSheet

Similar to Web Developer Bible, CSS CheatSheet is an useful lib for designers. It provides all necessary information about CSS.

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