Monday, May 13, 2013

Buy your domain with 0.99 USD

To save money, you can buy your domain with discount code.

Step 1: find discount code.

You can find discount code from Network Solutions, a domain registration company, at . You also may need to check the for more discount codes. At this time, you can use code: NCDISC0040 that expires on 30/06/2013 to buy domains (.net, .com, .org, .biz, .info) with $0.99.

There are two ways to use the discount code:

1) Click on the blue text to go to website that provides the discount code.

or 2) input the code in the check-out process.

Step 2: find your domain

Input your desired domain name and check.

Note: Don't use suggested names from website.

After finding your domain name, click Continue

Using the discount code, you only pay $0.99 for $34.99 domain name

Step 3: register new account and login
You should input your real identification to protect your domain.

Step 4: check-out
Provide payment information to complete

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