Friday, April 19, 2013

Using Yahoo Messenger - shortcut keys

Some useful shortcuts for users using Yahoo Messenger:


Ctrl + shift + F8 : My Disaplay Image
Ctrl + shift + P : Preferences
Ctrl + shift + D : Sign out to Mobile device
Ctrl + D : Sign out
Ctrl + Q : exit


Ctrl + shift + A : add a contact
Ctrl + H : Show online contact
Ctrl + tab : Show messenger list


Ctrl + M : send message
Ctrl + L : Call computer
Ctrl + H : Call a phone number
Ctrl + T : send SMS
Ctrl + Y : send email
Ctrl + shift + C : send contacts
Ctrl + shift + M : send messenger list



Alt+A Open my Account web page.
Alt+C Show the Call menu off of the split drop down menu control.
Alt+D View/Edit Contact Details.
Ctrl+Shft+L Alt+E End Call.
Alt+H Alt+R Hold/Resume.
Ctrl+L Alt+L Call PC/Call Back.
Alt+M Mute/Unmute.
Alt+S Save to Address Book.
Ctrl+M Send an IM.
Ctrl+T Send a Text Message.
Ctrl+Y Email.
Ctrl+K Call a Telephone Number.
Ctrl+N Start a Conversation.
Alt+V Volume (In the Volume window: Up and Down arrow keys and Home and End keys change the volume instantly, Enter and Esc close the Volume window.

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