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25 great advices for increasing your blog traffic

blog.toaninfo.com - 25 great advices for increasing your blog traffic, tips and tricks

A successful blog must have good contents and many visitors. After creating a good blog, you need to bring visitors to your blog. The following tips and tricks collected from other bloggers will help you increase the traffic of your blog.

1. Sridhar Katakam
Visit and leave your comments on other blogs. One of the good way is to install the MyBlogLog widget in your blog and visit bloggers who have come to your blog.

2. Ian Delaney
You need to focus on writing good entries for your blog. Good entries will be linked from other blogs or websites. Your entries then can be appeared on del.icio.us or digg.

3. Scott Townsend
Ping to search engines and Technorati right after you post a blog entry. You will have a lot of traffic from these sources.

4. Kyle
You can write about difficult problems in your majors. Try to express them with simple and easy words with your knowledge and experiences so that others can understand.

5. Grant Gerver
Try to create provoke debate. You can write some things in a humorous and deride way.

6. Daniel
One of a simple way to increase traffic is to install a translator plugin. By using the translator, many visitors from different countries can visit and read your contents.

7. Rory
Post your entries on blog carnivals. Most of entries will be published, bringing a lot of visitors to your blog.

8. Ramen Junkie
Another effective way is to write reviews on a newsgroup.

9. Eric Atkins
Create a good interface for your blog and post it in CSS gallery websites. You will gain some traffic from the backlinks in these websites.

10. Megan Taylor
Refer to other blogs having similar theme and incite visitors comment on your entries.

11. Guido
Write good and useful messages and make friend with other people on forums.

12. Brian Auer
You need to be active. You can post your message and signature together on forums or websites. Advertise your blog with messages having big font sizes so that other readers can see it easily.

13. Shankar Ganesh
Try to access as many communities related to your blog contents as possible.

14. Andrew Timberlake
Add your blog address in your business cards, email signature, books, etc.

15. Cory OBrien
Read other blogs and leave trackbacks. Focus on optimizing your blog for search engines. Use online bookmark websites, such as digg.

16. Jester
Leave your comments on other blogs. It only takes you a few seconds to leave a message. You can leave a message with your blog link to agree or disagree with the authors’ opinions.

17. Goerge Manty
Write 3-5 times a day. Use ping services, such as pingomatic or set your WordPress to do it automatically. You can also place some polls in your blog, raise some questions, or post some announcements, etc to let visitors come back.

18. Engtech
Joint the blogging community. Build a good relationship with other bloggers.

19. Splork
You can write some good articles and publish them on EzineArticles. Entries with optimized keywords tend to be accepted by EzineArticles. Place good labels at the end of your entries.

20. Kat
Use social networks, such as MySpace and Facebook. Write your opinions on their forums and introduce your blog on their blogs.

21. Inspirationbit
Besides some good online bookmark websites, such as digg and del.icio.us, you can post your entries to blog-buzz.com and received some more traffic from it.

22. Mark Alves
Join Yahoo Answers and try to link to your blog if the questions related to your blog contents.

23. Brandon Wood
You can also write for group blogs.

24. KWiz
Write some controversial issues. This is a good idea to increase your traffic.

25. Dennis Coughlin
Find some good blogs and contact with these blogs’ owners to introduce yourself and send them your blog address. If they like, they will link to your blog.

These mentioned advices is not everything you can do to increase your traffic. There are many more but you can begin with some simple tips that are most suitable for you.

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4 Responses to “25 great advices for increasing your blog traffic”

Jacob Duchaine (Writer Tank) said...
June 16, 2011 at 5:15 PM

There's a lot of great advice here. Some of the tips seem to overlap some though. Nothing directly identical, but several overlapping tips. Still, useful advice. =)

tona said...
June 16, 2011 at 6:08 PM

I agree with you, Jacob. The tips collected from several bloggers and some of them have similar ideas.

Unknown said...
June 16, 2011 at 6:12 PM

Thank you for your comments. I list the opinions of different bloggers here. I should group overlapping ideas together then :)

Power Strategies said...
August 11, 2011 at 6:47 AM

I think this tips are helpful for my blog, and for other people sites, you can increase in a lot of ways your traffic. Thanks for the article, very interesting. Best regards !

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