Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CloudMe – An online OS inside your web browser

There are many cloud services that help you store your data online. CloudMe is more than an online data service, it is an online OS. You can customize your desktop as in Windows, create and edit documents on the fly, and share your data (photos, files, music, and video) with your friends. The CloudMe also supports music streaming to music players.

When you sign up with a free account, you have 3GB online storage. To enlarge your storage, you need to pay 50$/year for 25GB and 100$/year for 100GB. The pricing is displayed in the following table:

Why don’t you go to the website: and sign up with a free account to try some awesome features: web desktop, mobile sharing, WebDAV support, easy update, etc.

The screen for logging in:

The main screen:

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