Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bring Windows Programs (Games) to Linux

Some Windows users don't want to move to Linux because they cannot run their favourite Windows programs. However, "PlayonLinux" ( provides us a great solution to install and run Windows programs on Linux as native Linux programs, i.e. program icons are placed on the desktop. PlayonLinux is developed based on Wine with a simple interface for installing/removing applications. On Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Linux Mint...,  you can install PlayonLinux in Software Center/Manager. A simpler way is to open Terminal and run the command:

sudo apt-get install playonlinux
Run PlayonLinux, you can see its interface:


PlayonLinux installs each application to a virtual drive stored in ".playonlinux/wineprefix". In Configure, you can find virtual drives on the left and each virtual drive has it own settings, registry and frameworks.
You can install more frameworks,  such as .NET, DirectX, Adobe/Air, in "Install packages" tab.
You can also set Render engine in Display tab.

To install a new Windows application, click Install button and follow steps:
1)  choose an app
2) install
3) specify a new virtual drive or select from available ones
4) choose setup file to install
5) create shortcut for this app
That's it!


If you encounter problems with heavy apps or games, you can find more information at

You can play some heavy Windows games e.g. Diablo III and Skyrim on Linux:


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