Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to root and install Google Play for Nokia X

As you may know, Google Play and other Google Apps (Gmail, Google Maps, ...) are not available on Google X and therefore you cannot access and install apps from Google Play. Fortunately, it's rather easy to root Nokia X and install Google Apps.

First, download and uncompressed following files and copy uncompressed files and folders into Nokia X storage.

1. Framaroot & explorer: fsharemediafire.
2. GApps for Nokia X:  fsharemediafire.
3. Extra apps (maps + launcher): fsharemediafire.


1. On Nokia X, go to Setting > Security and check "Unknown Sources" so that you can install downloaded apps to your Nokia X.

2. Install Framaroot and explorer apps which you copied into Nokia X storage.

3. Run Framaroot and choose Gandalf to root your device. After about 3s, your device is rooted and has SuperSE

4. Using Root Explorer to copy files in "3. NokiaX_Gapps" into /system/app

5. Change permissions for all copied files. Press and hold on a file and set rw-r--r-- as its permission as shown in following figure:

6. Restart your device and enjoy:

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