Monday, June 20, 2011

9 best netbooks and notebooks in the first half of 2011

More than 100 netbooks and notebooks have been introduced since the end of 2010. Among them, 9 following netbooks and notebooks are most impressive. In this list, one notebook or netbook is selected for each category.

1. Notebook HP Pavillion G6x: best value!


This notebook has a very good sound system, nice design, comfortable keyboard, and reasonable price. It costs only 544$ to own such a good notebook. According to the report, users are very satisfied with this product.

HP Pavillion G5x has everything a notebook should have now, such as wifi connection, Bright View HD screen, Quick Launch buttons for fast opening applications, optical driver, USB ports, and HDMI port.

2. HP Pavillion dv6t: the best general-purpose notebook


If you need a notebook for entertainment and working at the same time, this notebook is the best choice for you. This notebook also has a sexy design. It is really good for multimedia because it has a powerful processor, bright and clear screen, and Beats sound system. Price: 769$.

3. Notebook Apple MacBook Pro 13 inches: best portable (slim and light) notebook


MacBook is very famous. It is slim and light. It has been upgraded with more powerful processor and longer battery life. This notebook is really attractive, especially for fans of Apple! Price 1199$.

4. Samsung NF310: best netbook


This netbook has beautiful design with smooth and stylish curves. It is powered by dual-core processor and high resolution display. Price: 380.97$.

5. Apple MacBook Air 13 inches (released in the end of 2010): best ultra-portable notebook


This slim and beautiful notebook has high resolution display screen. The booting time of this notebook is very short and the battery life is very good. Price: 1299$.

6. Alienware M17x: best notebook for playing games


In addition to a good design, this notebook is very powerful in order to play graphics games. You can view HD streaming videos via wireless connection. The battery life is 5 hours. This machine is just perfect for gamers. However, you need to pay 3300$ to own it.

7. Lenovo ThinkPad X1: best notebook for businessmen


By owning a good design keyboard, super bright and clear display screen, and powerful processor, this notebook is a good portable notebook for businessmen. The sound system on this notebook has been improved a lot. Price: 1339$.

8. Dell XPS 15 L502X: best notebook for multimedia.


Although this model has an unpolished design, it has several good features for multimedia, such as HD 1080 screen, blu-ray DVD driver, and Nvidia graphics card. Its sound system is considered as the best sound system compared to notebooks in this range. Is is powered by Intel Core i7 processor 2GHz, 2GB RAM. On the whole, it’s ideal for entertainment. Price: 1488$.

9. ASUS G73SW: the most powerful notebook that can replace a desktop computer


This notebook is very powerful even though it looks slim. Is is powered by Intel Core i7 second generation, GTX 460MB graphics card, and very big screen 17.3 inches. This machine is covered by anti-dust and anti-fingerprint materials. The cooler system is excellent, it’s still cool after 15 minutes watching online streaming video. Price: 1784$.

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