Monday, June 20, 2011

Nokia will introduce MeeGo smartphone N9 tomorrow!

Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, will introduce the first MeeGo smartphone N9 tomorrow (June 20, 2011) at Communic Asia, Singapore. Nokia will also held the event “Nokia Connection” there.

MeeGo is developed based on the Maemo of Nokia and Moblin of Intel. It is the new OS and known as the main weapon of Nokia in the fight against Android and iOS. Whereas Symbian and Windows Phone 7 will be used in E, X series and high-class smartphones respectively, MeeGo will be installed in N-series.

According to leaked images and videos, N9 may have a beautiful design and big screen. The interface of N9 may be similar to that of Symbian Anna with icons having beautiful colors and round-shape corners. It has 12MP, F2.8 camera with a dual flash. Its camera is similar to that of Nokia N8. N9 may contains a QWERTY keyboard as shown in the following clip:

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