Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 useful tips and tricks for Google+

Google+ has gained a lot of attention these days. Following small tips and tricks may help you use Google+ more efficiently and easily.

Stop annoying posts

In the case the post that you commented on has many other comments and annoys you, you can stop it using the “Mute” function. With this function, this post will be removed from your Stream. To do this, click on the arrow icon on the top of the post and then choose “Mute this post”. To continue receiving updates, you can choose “Undo mute.”

10 tips and tricks for Google+ Stop annoying posts


Google+ provides many hotkeys that allow you to work with Google+ faster.

10 tips and tricks for Google+ hotkeys

Creating short URL

Unlike Facebook, Google+ hasn’t supported a function to shorten URL for your profile yet. To shorten your profile URL, you can use the service provided from

10 tips and tricks for Google+ creating short url

Checking who you are sharing with

Sometimes, you don’t know who you have added into your Circles. If you are confused, you can click “Limited” link on the top every time you share a link and you can see the photo icons of people who can see your link.

10 tips and tricks for Google+ checking who you are sharing with

Tag someone

Facebook use ‘@’ with name to tag a person in a post. In Google+, to tag a person, you can use ‘+’ and his/her name.

tag someone

Sharing with Google+ from Gmail

After logging in to Gmail, you can see a gray bar (“Share”) between user name and icon Setting. This button allows you to share on Google+ without leaving Gmail.

10 tips and tricks for Google+ sharing with google+ from gmail

Disable notification emails from Google+

There are several kinds of notification from Google+. If you don’t want to receive, you can disable them. First, go to Google+, find the “Google+ setting” icon on the top right corner of Google+ site. Then, you can turn the notifications off.

10 tips and tricks for Google+ disable notification emails

Drag and Drop from Desktop

There are 2 ways to add images, vides, links to Google+. First, you can click on camera, video, or paper-clip icon and choose the files you want to upload. An easier way is you can drag and drop files directly from Desktop into Google+

drag and drop from desktop

Manage how other people see your Circles

Information about your friends in Circles and Circles that you have joined is display below your profile photo as follow.

manage how other people see your circles

In your Google+ profile website, click on “Edit profile”, then go to information of Circles. To edit them, click on the gray icon. Here, you can choose whether or not you want to shows your Circles information to other people.

Remove Google+

If you don’t want to use Google+ anymore, you can remove this service as follows. Click on your name or email address on Google+ toolbar > “Account Setting” > “Account Overview”. Then you can click on “Delete profile and remove associated features” to remove your Google+ profile. Of course, you can still access to other Google services.

remove google+

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