Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Automatically scan and install drivers with DriverEasy

Wins 7 now can detect and install most of drivers for you. However, sometimes it detects and installs wrong drivers. To solve this problem, you may go to product’s website and download driver for each device. This manual work is slow and inconvenience. In this case, using a software like DriverEasy that detects and installs drivers automatically should be the best solution.

First, you can download this software at: http://www.drivereasy.com/DriverEasy_Setup.exe  and then install it. This software is free and effective. Its main interface is as follow:

Automatically scan and install drivers with DriverEasy 1

Now you can click “Scan Now” to let this app scan the drivers for your devices automatically. The processing time depends on your computer. After scanning, DriverEasy will display all available drivers and you can click on Get Drivers to download. This software also can notify the drivers that are out of date.


You can click on “Download All” to download all available drivers at once. Finally, click on “Install” button to install drivers. With this software, you can also change the Proxy setting for downloading.

The professional version includes a feature that allows you to backup drivers before updating.

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