Friday, October 14, 2011

Installing Android CyanogenMod 7 (Alpha 1) on HP TouchPad

Finally, we now can install Android on our HP TouchPad tablet. However, this CyanogenMod version is a testing version and not very stable. You may have some errors if you install this version on your tablet. Try it if you only want to test!


- Backup all you music, movies, and documents. After installing, all data except data of webOS will be gone.

- Read the instructions carefully.

- Copy files to TouchPad: boot via CM7 and copy. If you copy via webOS, all data will be lost after booting with CM7.


- HP TouchPad with at least 2Gb free.

- Cable USB.

- PC/Mac or Linux computer.

- novocom (available in SDK):  linux, PC, Mac.

- ACME Installer: download at

- In the first time of installing, you will need moboot (dualboot) and (CM7 installer).

- Clockwork Recovery: Recovery mode, using when we have some problems with the booting process or perform updates later.

- Google Apps (optional):

Step by step

- Connect TouchPad with computer, choose USB Mode.

- Create a folder name “cminstall” in TouchPad and then copy 4 files *.zip:,,, gapps( into this folder.

- After copying, choose Safe Remove > Eject TouchPad (do not unplug cable).

- Reboot TouchPad, press and hold Lock and Volume Up buttons until the screen displays as follow:

Installing Android CyanogenMod 7 (Alpha 1) on HP TouchPad

- On PC: Start > Run > cmd.

- Input cd C(the disk that you installed SDK):\Program Files\Palm\sdk\bin

- Copy file ACMEInstaller to above folder.

- Input: novacom boot mem:// <ACMEInstaller

- In Mac and Linux, go to Terminal and input: $ novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller ($ is the name of the folder containing ACMEInstaller).

- Wait until the process is complete.

- After installing, choose boot CyanogenMod and enjoy Android on HP TouchPad !


CM7 first book on HP TouchPad


Some errors we may have

- After Standby, wifi doesn’t work well.

- All data are deleted after installing.

- The speaker works even though you plug the headphone.

You may see other errors. Hope we will have the stable version soon.


More information can be found at:


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